• Pixel 3a ≠ Nexus 5

    Let's nip this one in the bud... Sure, the Pixel 3a is an uncharacteristically affordable phone from Google—but any comparisons between it and 2013's Nexus 5 have to stop. Immediately. It's not fair to either device.

    Both share plastic bodies, FHD screens, big-a$$ bezels, average amounts of RAM and storage (for their time) and better than average cameras. The smaller, non-XL 3a lists at $399 USD, the exact same price as an upgraded Nexus 5 with 32 GB of storage back in the day. But... for this same amount (less if you adjust for inflation) the Nexus 5 gave you a top of the line Snapdragon 8xx processor and wireless charging—which as a feature six years ago, was definitely ahead of its time.

    Like the Nexus the new Pixels will almost certainly have unlockable bootloaders, but were designed for two very different types of users. The Nexus was built for developers first, with savvy consumers also able to enjoy a hackable phone that happened to run the purest expression of Android. In stark contrast, the Pixel is a consumer-first smartphone, the go-to choice for anyone seeking a Google-branded iPhone equivalent.

    If it seems like I'm dumping on the Pixel here I don't mean to; I just want to ensure that the reputation of the best-ever Nexus phone remains intact.

    Sources: Android Central, Wikipedia

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    1. trickster_qc's Avatar
      trickster_qc -
      Pixel 3a = iPhone 5c

      Same quality internals ( or almost ) as the flagship but with a plastic built and some cheapers internals to cut corners.

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    1. jimxx200's Avatar
      jimxx200 -
      While I liked my 5X, I still LOVE my 6P. It's been a beast as my daily driver and no issues at all. Paid $150 new (Total Wireless had them) and even today, I consider them to be the best sub $250. phone. Can still be found new on eBay for $160.
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