• Black Friday BYOD Bargains in Canada*

    * Travel and/or fake ID may be required.

    Canadian Thanksgiving was back in October, but that hasn't stopped Black Friday from becoming an annual November event here. Here are some carrier BYOD deals that you may be interested inóby no means an exhaustive list, just something to get the proverbial ball rolling...

    1. Bell, Rogers, Telus: $10 off BYOD "Unlimited" Plans

    For a limited time you can enjoy 10 GB of unthrottled data with your own device for only $65/month. The catch? You need to be in Manitoba or Saskatchewan to get it.

    For the rest of the country (BC and ON anyway) Telus is currently offering $10 off of their 20 GB Peace of Mind Connect plan. Yay?

    2. Koodo: $55 for 9 GB / $65 for 16 GB

    An even better deal is available on the Koodo networkóthat is if you're willing to travel to Ottawa to get it. At least one person on RFD got Koodo to match this offer over the phone so you might want to try that first.

    3. Freedom Mobile: All Plans on Sale

    The best data deals are from Freedom, with the caveat of their smaller footprint and capacity. They also offer $0 handset financing, albeit at higher monthly rates.

    If you find any Black Friday bargains that you'd like to share with your fellow Canadians, please do so below!

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    Andrew Currie has been blogging about mobile phones since 2001, smartphones (depending on how you define them) since 2002 and smartwatches since 2014.
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