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    While enjoying a leisurely morning last weekend I felt the sudden urge to check on my Telus plan, and it's a good thing I did: that carrier is currently offering 20 GB of unthrottled BYOD data for the same price as 10. If you've multiple lines with them it's even less—thanks to the Telus family discount I'm now actually paying only $70/month per line, an astonishing (for Canada) $3.50 per GB of fast 4G data.

    There are but two caveats to this deal: (1) the US Easy Roam rate is now $8/day instead of $7, and (2) the promo is supposed to end today.

    I say "supposed to" because, according to both iPhone in Canada and Mobile Syrup Bell is already matching this promo, albeit for only 24 months via a $20/month bill credit. Bell also offers a $10 discount for additional lines on the same account.

    Even Rogers is getting in on the action. With them you have the choice of two lines with 20 GB each for $140, or a single line with 10 GB for $65/month.

    Again, the Telus promo is currently set to end today, and the others could go away at any time. So if you're interested and already have your own device I'd jump on one of these deals sooner rather than later.

    Links: iPhone in Canada (1) (2), Mobile Syrup (1) (2), Rogers, Telus

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