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    We're trying something new on the forums, a way to recognize members for promoting valuable discussion here. We're calling it The Thread of The Week. Whomever posts a thread with the most replies gets a free Gold Membership for one month.

    So how do we figure this out?

    Well, every weekday I post a Morning Briefing, including the most popular forum threads—that is, the posts with the most replies—for the previous 24 hour period. For reference, here are the Briefings for the past seven days:

    Your Morning Briefing for Monday, November 4th
    Your Morning Briefing for Tuesday, November 5th
    Your Morning Briefing for Wednesday, November 6th
    Your Morning Briefing for Thursday, November 7th
    Your Morning Briefing for Friday, November 8th

    Note that the Monday Briefing includes forum posts from the prior Saturday and Sunday, so anything posted on a weekend is also included.

    In each Briefing, forum posts are ranked by the number of replies (from highest to lowest). That's subject to change, of course, so I did a quick recount of replies for all forum posts in the Briefings above. With 43 replies as of this writing, the most popular thread from last week is:

    T-Mobile three new Un-Carrier moves

    Congrats to @shilohcane for starting our very first thread of the week!

    Howard and I are hoping that this little enticement will further encourage the sharing of news, tips and other useful information on these forums. What do you think of the idea? Please share your feedback, questions and/or concerns below.

    EDIT: You may or may not have noticed that @shilohcane's user flair currently reads: "thread of the day". We're working on that
    My HoFo feedback... is that still a thing?

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    For those wondering what the perks of a Gold (Premium) Membership are, check here.

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