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Thread: Mobile bluetooth booster???

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    Mobile bluetooth booster???

    Hi All,
    I joined this forum because I have exhausted all resources looking for a device that may very well not exist.
    I have installed a not amplified SiriusXM bluetooth receiver on my motorcycle that connects to my helmet bluetooth audio. Since the xm is not amplified I am getting very limited volume. Please do not respond with random links to android volume boosters as that is not what what I need.
    What I need is a stand alone compact portable device that will take the incoming bluetooth signal from the xm and relay it via bluetooth to my helmet amplified. Since the xm unit has an output jack as well I can utilize that as long as the output from the device is amplified bluetooth.
    Let me know if amy of this sounds familiar, thanks.
    I have the Onyx EZR receiver and Sena SRL-Mesh in my helmet.

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    This might work.

    It's available through Amazon. So if it doesn't work for you, send it back.

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    It sounds like you are looking for a portable Bluetooth amplifier that can boost the signal from your SiriusXM receiver and transmit it to your helmet via Bluetooth. These devices, sometimes called "Bluetooth signal extenders," do exist, but they may not be specifically marketed as "SiriusXM Bluetooth boosters."

    You can check with manufacturers of portable audio equipment such as Bose, Sony, and JBL. They may have products that can work for you. Additionally, some electronics retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy may carry portable Bluetooth amplifiers that can do what you need.

    In addition to that you can also check the products from brands like TaoTronics, Anker, Mpow and many more.

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