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    Asurion replacement nightmare

    So my husband lost his phone in Downtown Hayward. We get home, look everywhere for the phone but can't find it. Can't also remember the PW to iCloud which is going to be a different story for the appropriate forum.

    Anyhow he decided eff it, and filed a lost claim for a replacement iPhone 13 Mini. It was approved and he paid the $113 deductible. That process was really quick.

    Today his replacement phone arrives. As I prefer to speak on chat for cell phone things I decided to go that route. The agent asked all these questions including account pin, IMEI and EID. The replacement iPhones if they are eSim compatible no longer use physical SIMs to activate replacements.

    So, 30 minutes pass, chat agent assures my husband it's ready to be restarted for use. So I reboot the phone, I keep getting SOS only. Chat agent keeps running the same script to go to settings , cellular and download eSim. I repeated to the chat agent multiple times it does not say that on my phone. I know exactly where to go for that option and it was not there either. So they gave me the wrong info in chat.

    So after my final message the chat rep decides they are frustrated and out of the blue stops responding to what I am typing on the screen. The chat was not closed. While the chat was open, I called on the phone to see if I could get someone on the phone to help I did.

    I explained to her what was going on, she instructed me to close the chat as agent was still ignoring me and then had me read off the numbers to her. It appears that the chat agent botched up the eSim activation by putting in the wrong EID number in the system. The phone agent corrected it, I reboot the phone and voila download eSim pops up on the screen and it's now activated. $113 later and over an hour of frustration. And their aggressive sales pitch of insurance add ons did not help either.

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    I always tell people to get AppleCare on their  devices, instead of Asurion, because it's a mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwitchyPuppy View Post
    I always tell people to get AppleCare on their  devices, instead of Asurion, because it's a mess.

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    They covered the replacement. Could have happened with Applecare if number was entered in wrong. Next time ask to verify the number over the phone. Apple isn’t perfect either. Just get a new rep and problem solved.

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    I don't understand wouldn't the carrier have to activate the phone not Asurion?
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